Paintline Operator

First American Resources was established in 1975 as a specialty coater producing prepainted aluminum, carbon and stainless steel in widths ranging from 0.50-29" using two-coat, single coat, thin film and striped coatings for all markets. Spooling, lacing, stamping and slitting are also performed in our integrated facility.Today our business is still coil coating which is applying organic coatings onto rolled metal strip.Coils of steel and aluminum weighing up to 10,000lbs and 28 wide are continuously cleaned, pretreated and painted on the paint line.These materials are subsequently used by customers for everything from architectural panels to appliances to automotive parts. Coil coating is the most precise, efficient and environmentally friendly method of painting metals.Integrated into our coil coating technology is slitting, spooling, stamping and lancing, which further solidifies our state-of-the-art niche capability.
The Paintline Operator loads equipment for the processing of the metal coils to occur.
1. Prepare the metal to put on the line to run and ensure it is the right customer width and gauge.
2. Make stitches and follow it through the line to make sure the chemical applications are opened and then re-closed at the time the stitch passes through the equipment.
3. Watch and visually inspect coils to make sure there are no defects in the paint or metal (trash in paint, dents, scratches, etc.)
4. Help do paint changes.
5. Drive forklift or help forklift driver to weigh coils and skid them up. Package coils to customer requirements (paper, cardboard, shrink wrap, etc.)
6. Ensure that coils are stacked properly and safely when driving the forklift.
7. Keep work area clean by taking out trash, sweeping the floor, picking up scrap aluminum and steel and disposing of them in the proper places (i.e. aluminum in bailer, steel in hopper).
8. Participate in safety and other training programs as required.
9. Perform other duties and special projects as assigned.
High School Diploma or equivalent
Forklift experience preferred
Exposure to production environment preferred
Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:
Strong reading and comprehension skills
Ability to follow written and verbal instructions
Strong mechanical skills
Working knowledge of paints and solvents
Ability to maintain a positive presence in the workplace
License(s) or Certification(s) Required:
Will become forklift certified

Don't Be Fooled

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